Casual vacancy



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Casual Vacancy has occurred in the office of Councillor on the Holford Parish Council.

Unless ten electors for the Parish give notice in writing by

November the 25 day of 2022, to the Returning Officer, Somerset West and Taunton Council, West Somerset House, Killick Way, Williton, Taunton, Somerset

TA4 4QA (,

requesting that an election be held, the Parish Council will, at a Meeting to be held on 09 January 2023 at Holford & District Village Hall, fill the vacancy by the co-option of a new Councillor.

Hema Stanley

Clerk to the Parish Council

Coach House 1

Alfoxton Park




Dated: 28 October 2022.

Note: The requests do not have to arrive at the same time and can be in any form, for example, letter, fax or email.