Holford Parish Council

Holford Parish Council


Parish history

Towards the end of the nineteenth century civil administration in England was in need of extensive reform and the Local Government Act of 1894 was introduced to enable this. It created institutions which were structurally suited to bringing democracy into every community in the country, and it excluded the church from formal participation in local government.

Holford Parish, much increased in area as a result of boundary changes made during the 1880’s to over 1,000 acres and with a population numbering 169 in 1891, opted for Parish Meeting status in 1895. Mr. C.H.Greswell was elected Chairman and continued in that position for ten years. In 1933 the civil parish of Dodington was amalgamated with that of Holford to form an enlarged civil parish of Holford, and Parish Council status was requested and granted in 1970. Mr. J.F.Pallin (then of ‘Hare Knap’ which comprised the southern part of what is now ‘Lady Charles’ House) became its first Chairman.

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Mission Statement

Holford Parish Council is committed to the principles of transparency, honesty, consultation and inclusivity and strives to provide a service, without prejudice, to all members of the Parish.

Core Values

Holford Parish Council is elected to represent the Holford and District community, seeking to ensure the delivery of services to meet local needs, and to improve quality of life and community wellbeing.

Holford Parish Council has adopted the highest standards of transparency, honesty, consultation and inclusivity and aims to serve all residents of the Parish.

Holford Parish Council is open to representations from residents of the Parish and will take action where appropriate and within its remit to address issues that arise within the Parish.

Holford Parish Council places the highest value on accessibility.  Councillors and the Clerk welcome all views put forward and are happy to be contacted individually by email or phone with requests or enquiries. There will always be a councillor available to answer your queries.

Holford Parish Council has adopted the Model Code of Conduct of the National Association of Local Councils and the Somerset Association of Local Councils.  This Code and much other information is available to view on our website.

Past chairs & clerks

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